vendredi 12 février 2016

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Parisians discover their ballet bodies with prima ballerina Béatrice Herbout 

After a career with principal roles in the Ballet of Rio de Janeiro, the Rhin Ballet, Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit, the Holland National Ballet and the Hambourg Ballet, Béatrice Herbout brings her expertise and 20 years of teaching to her native Paris where she offers floor barre and ballet classes for students of all levels.

You don’t have to be a ballerina to join in, but Herbout’s floor barre classes could help you to look like one.

Improved posture, muscle definition, increased range of motion and reduced stress are well known benefits of floor barre and Herbout says the program — which she designed herself at age 28 — helped her to overcome chronic back pain, thereby saving her career.

"I saw many physical therapists and later tried acupuncture but nothing worked," says Herbout, "And finally a friend 15 years my senior gave me the idea that the right floor barre program could help. I’ve been doing this same workout that I developed 10 years ago before major performances and I’ve never wanted to change anything about it."

It really is possible to change your body, says Herbout, who has witnessed the transformations of her students for 10 years.

"Improving your balance and range of motion brings about a certain energy from the inside that makes you comfortable with your body and confident in a way that others can see even if you’re not aware of it."

In addition to her floor barre program, Herbout offers actual ballet classes for adults of all levels in addition to workshops en pointe.

For class schedules, fees or to contact Beatrice Herbout click on the following link:

Elizabeth Carroll
Journalist - Fitness

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